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Why Baali

Safe and natural beauty care for you.
We bring you a natural concoction made up of finest organic ingredients that are not only health oriented but are also scientifically proven and dermatologically tested.

We have built our product ranges by carefully choosing natural ingredients known for their advantageous properties which are being chosen from different parts of India.

Our products are free from harmful chemicals. 100% SAFE AND NATURAL. Suitable for all


How We Are Different?

Nourished under the bright wings of Everlove Our brand Baali aims at enhancing your life, all around. We bring you an uncommon mix of valuable BOTANICALS from all over the world that are scientifically-sound; and have used insights from Ayurveda in many of our products.

Everlove and Baali have thoroughly studied Ayurveda. Dermatologists have formulated unique formulas after considering the modern-day lifestyle. They have taken into consideration the daily routine of people. Stress, excess pollution, chemically exploded products, unhealthy diet, and many more factors that are affecting the skin and hair.

Our products like Everlove turmeric cream, Baali hair oils, Baali shampoo, and conditioners are the holistic combination of authentic Ayurveda and modern science. The ingredients used are the best extraction of different herbs. The oil used is churned at our site with all hygenic maintenance and precautions to generate byproduct completely habitual and useful.

Our purpose is to pass on this ancient valuable knowledge from sages to this generation which is living in this modern age, who lacks the vision of our ancestors about Ayurveda and its impact on our daily life. The authentic and true richness of ayurvedic ingredients brings the essence of life in a more fragrant way blessing us with a healthy life.