Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are kind of a scars which are long and  narrow or lines which appears on the skin when the  skin is suddenly stretched. This marks are of  different color and texture than your normal skin.  Stretch marks are extremely common. Any person  can develop stretch marks. They can appears on  body parts like thighs, hips, stomach, lower back or  arms. Common causes of stretch marks are pregnancy,  sudden weight gain or weight loss or puberty. Stretch marks can make a person under-confident  and uncomfortable. Stretch marks cannot fade  away naturally but there are various treatments to  reduce the visibility of stretch marks and one can  get back their confidence in their appearance by  under- going a treatment.

Following are the most effective treatments  available for fading stretch marks:


It is a minimally invasive process to regenerate  overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the  appearance of sun damage, stretch marks, fine  lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and other skin  related conditions. This procedure is done by special applicator with an abrasive surface for mildly sand away the thick  outermost layer of the skin to rejuvenate it. 

2.Chemical peels 

It is a kind of a skin treatment where an acidic  solution is applied on the portion of stretch marks  so that the surface of outermost layer of the skin  can be burned off. This procedure eliminate the  dead and damaged skin cells. This process helps in  skin regeneration. It is used to get rid of  appearance of sun damage, freckles, age spots,  acne scars and stretch marks.

3.Micro needling 

Micro needling therapy is also known as skin  needling. It is minimally invasive skin rejuvenation  process that involves the help of device that  consists small needles. These needles are use to  puncture the portion of a skin to create a  controlled skin injury. With the help of this  process firmness and skin texture can be  improved and it can also reduce the size of pores, scars and stretch marks.

4.Micro needling 

Dermarolling with PRP is a cosmetic treatment  which uses a roller with small needles to prick the  skin. It uses part of the blood from the body of  the person to rejuvenate the skin. It stimulates  collagen production. With the help of this  treatment problems like stretch marks, acne  scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, surgical  scars wrinkles and fine lines can be improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since stretch marks can be genetic and in some  cases, due to puberty plays the major role in  developing stretch marks it is nearly impossible to  prevent stretch marks. Although, stretch marks can  also appear due to rapid fluctuations in weight so  you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent  stretch marks due to this particular reason.

According to researchers there is no home remedies  which can reduce stretch marks even most popular  home remedies on internet are not effective. None  of the stretch marks faded away when people  applied different things like olive oil, Vitamin E,  cocoa butter, almond oil into their stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear due to various reasons.  Following are some causes of stretch marks: 

  1. Almost every women experience stretch marks  during pregnancy because to develop a baby inside  womb skin of women many ways due this this  stretch marks is very common during pregnancy
  2. Many people face the problem of stretch marks  due to rapid fluctuations in weight of body.
  3. Stretch marks can be genetic and sometimes due  to puberty also. Because at the time of puberty a  person’s body go through various changes internally  and externally.
  4. Bodybuilding or intense workout can also cause  stretch marks due to rapid increase of muscle mass  in your shoulders and arms.
  5. Corticosteroids creams, lotions and pills can also  cause stretch marks. The reason behind this is when  a person uses this the ability of skin to stretch  decrease drastically which may result in stretch  marks.

Yes, stretch marks are permanent scars on the body  once appeared, it cannot fade away naturally but  there are various treatments available which can  help in reduction of stretch marks on your body. Treatments like Micro needling, Dermaroller with  PRP, Radio frequency, chemical peeling and  microdermabrasion are most effective treatments  for reduction of stretch marks.