Hair transplantation

Hair plays an extremely vital role in shaping our personality and enhancing our look.  This is the reason why baldness or thinning of hair makes us really anxious and under-confident and because of this, we can lose many opportunities due to our underconfidence. If this is the case then this treatment of hair transplantation can provide you your self-confidence back with the help of hair transplantation treatment.

Hair transplantation is well accepted and proved to be an ideal solution for baldness and hair thinning issues. Many efforts have been made for restoring the natural hair of a person but hair transplantation is the most effective treatment discovered by medical science.

This is a surgical process that removes hair follicles from the fertile part of the body and extracts them to the bald or balding part of your scalp. Apart from where the hair is  removed is known as ‘Donor site’ and the  bald or balding part is known as ‘recipient  site’ 

This surgical process is mainly performed in the following two techniques: 

1- FUT Technique 

Follicular unit transplantation technique In this technique strip of skin is taken along with hair follicles from the donor site.  Mostly from the back of your head which is the most fertile part. From this skin, the tissue containing hair follicles is separated for the process of hair transplantation.

When this process is happening small individual holes are made at the recipient site where hair thinning or balding is experienced. Then the prepared grafts are placed in the recipient part. 

2- FUE Technique 

Follicular unit extraction technique In this technique hair follicles is taken from the donor site usually from the back of the head and shift to create a fuller and natural-looking hairline. This technique does not involve detaching a strip of tissue from the back of the head but instead, gathering individual hair follicles directly from the scalp and placing them into the tiny incisions made at the recipient site.

This technique requires more time as compared to the FUT technique. But this technique does not cause a linear scar and advanced wound care is not required in this technique.

At adore clinic, we provide the best of our services and your safety and satisfaction is our foremost aim. Hair transplant is fairly safe if it is performed by experienced and qualified surgeons. At adore clinic, our staff and every doctor are highly qualified and experienced.  Your concern regarding safety ends here because we assure you that proper care will be taken while performing your surgery.

It has been noticed that this treatment is accepted widely and it is typically more successful than another treatment and other hair restoration products.  

Some of your transplanted hair will fully grow after the time period of three to four months. Hair transplant is mainly considered by the people if their hair is thinning or if they are balding naturally or in the case where they had lost their hair due to any injury. 

Since transplant is done by the existing hair of a person’s body, this technique is not that effective for people whose hair loss is due to chemotherapy or any kind of other medications or for the people who have got thick scars on the scalp. This treatment is also not that effective for people who are suffering from extensive baldness or thinning.

Once your hair follicles are inserted into the affected area the healing process takes some time and some hair can even fall out in the initial three months after surgery. Healing can take nearly six to twelve months. Although, once the healing process is done the transplanted hair will begin to grow and your bald patches on your scalp will start filling. That hair will continue to grow in the future just like normal hair.

Hence, it is concluded that the hair transplant is a permanent solution because your hair follicles will keep growing.

Yes, hair transplantation can be repeated again. Some clients prefer doing it twice to achieve the precise results which they want. But mostly, clients are satisfied with the results after their first hair transplant has completely healed and later they just try to do touch up or fill the additional thinning patches on their scalp.