Excessive Sweating

Sweating is essential in order to balance the temperature of the human body but some people sweat more than it’s required this condition is called excessive sweating. Excessive sweating affects the quality of life and at times it can be embarrassing and irritating. Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis in medical terms. People often take excessive sweating lightly unknown of the fact that it can be a sign of major diseases like thyroid disease, diabetes, and various infections. This problem is most common in the people who are suffering from obesity or the people who are not in shape.  However, in most cases, excessive sweating is not an issue of concern. But one must never compromise  with their health, hygiene and quality of life

hence, we will provide you some treatments for the problem of excessive sweating. 

1-Botox injections 

Botox injection is a new treatment yet the most effective treatment for the problem of hyperhidrosis.

In some cases, hyperhidrosis is limited merely to one portion of the body most commonly for underarms. This  condition is known as focal hyperhidrosis 

This is the most safest and effective solution for focal hyperhidrosis.  

Botox injections help in the temporary blockage of nerve impulses that stimulate the sweat glands. This treatment is a well-accepted and FDA-approved treatment for the problem of focal hyperhidrosis. Botox injections have shown the result in an 82-87% decrease in sweating. It’s an effective stay for the period of 4-14 months. It is well accepted by the patients. 


Iontophoresis is another type of treatment to relieve the problem of hyperhidrosis. This treatment is most commonly effective for excessive sweating on hands or feet. This treatment is considered by the people who have tried clinical strength antiperspirant or prescription but need a more effective treatment. This treatment is often done in the case of severe sweating. It believed that this procedure helps in the blockage of sweat from releasing out of sweat glands which ultimately results in temporarily stopping sweat from feet or hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sweating is normal and necessary for the human body. It is completely normal to sweat when you’re exerting yourself or the temperature is hot. Excessive sweating is when a person sweats beyond the physical requirement to sweat. Excessive sweating can even happen without any reason. Excessive sweating can be a sign of some serious diseases but mostly, it is harmless but it affects the quality of your life.

Botox injection is a new type of treatment option for people who are suffering from hyperhidrosis. Botox injection is extremely effective in treating excessive underarm sweating. It works by blocking the nerves which activate your sweat glands which results in a maximum reduction in sweating. In this process, the chemical is injected multiple times at the armpit. As a very tiny needle is used to do this treatment hence, one must not worry about the pain while undergoing this treatment, and this treatment decreases both sweating and the odor. Although, this process is not permanent hence it has to be repeated every 12-14  months or as recommended by the doctor.

Iontophoresis is done for severe sweating in the area of the feet or hand.  During iontophoresis, A medical device is used to pass a mild current with the medium of water. There are as such no major or significant side effects. And the effect stays for a long time provided one must follow the instructions of the doctor and keep up with the maintenance schedule as per the recommendation of your doctor.

One can resume his or her usual activities right after receiving Botox injection. Results will not be seen immediately. It will take between two to seven days for you to stop sweating at the area where Botox injection is injected. It will take two weeks for the complete dryness in that particular area. The effects will be temporary which means you will have to take more injections in the future for maintaining dryness in that area. You should see your doctor after two weeks of your treatment for touch-ups at the missed spot.