Crows Feet

As we age, our skin loses its ability to stretch and rebound. Sun damage, dehydration, smoking, and even some prescription medications can all contribute to this loss of elasticity. Crow’s feet are a common skin condition. Crow’s feet are the little fin lines spreading out from the cone of your eyes. This happens because of the contraction of muscle while making facial expressions. Facial expression causes the skin at the outer corners of our eyes to crease and form what are known as “dynamic” dynamic wrinkles. As the years pass, these fine lines become more pronounced and eventually form heavy, “static” wrinkles. Crow’s feet are also known as laugh lines.

These lines are often a telling sign of how well a person took care of their skin over the preceding decades. Along with crow’s feet, people get tiny wrinkles as well under their eyes. Yes, you can hide your crow’s feet with concealers but why hide if better options are available. You cannot wear makeup the whole day right. And these crow’s feet get worsen by the passing time. Well, all these skin problems are not permanent at all. At the Adore clinic, we are ready to help you with crow’s feet problems. We will completely remove crow’s feet from your skin and you will get your smooth face again. The technology or devices we use at our Adore clinic are FDA approved. All the treatments are safe and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Botox (Botulinum toxin): According to the Adore clinic, Botox is by far the most commonly used product for crow’s feet treatment because it targets those areas which are affected by crow’s feet. It is injected directly into the affected area with a small needle, which relaxes the muscles surrounding your eye corners leaving smooth skin. The effects of botox may be especially noticeable after a week while you laugh. This treatment is best for people aging 30 to 50. It is effective in people with dynamic wrinkles.

In this treatment, the first affected area is made numb by using topical anesthetics like ice. Once the affected area is numb, then the injection process takes place. As it just covers a small portion of your skin it takes very little time for completion of the whole procedure. The cost of treatment is not so high. So this method is completely effective and safe. The technology used in this treatment is approved by the FDA.

  • Meso botox: Meso Botox is also known as the Micro botox technique. This treatment is an innovative method used to reduce the tiny wrinkling under the eyes. This method uses a special syringe with very thin painless needles in which botulinum toxin is present in the form of very small intradermal boluses. It involves multiple injections of small doses of Botox in it.

This treatment reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet from your skin. Botox fails to remove crow’s feet from the center face or cheeks. But this treatment can treat the tough wrinkles and crow’s feet on the center face or cheeks. This treatment is also effective in reducing the actions of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. However, the results can be seen after a few weeks of treatment. This treatment can last up to 6 months in some cases for more than 6 months. For maintaining your perfectly smooth skin you have to repeat this treatment periodically. Meso botox’s ongoing treatments heal the damages so you do not need to repeat the treatment frequently or more often. This treatment is completely safe and effective. Also, this treatment improves skin texture and skin tone.

This treatment is not only effective in removing wrinkles on the face but other parts of the body like the neck also. This treatment does not give freezing like look and preserves the natural beauty of the skin. This treatment has a lot of benefits and advantages.

  • Plasma eye lift treatment: Plasma eye lift treatment is an extremely effective treatment for crow’s feet. This treatment is done using a small pen which creates an isolated arc of plasma. When the pen is close to contact with the surface of the skin it creates a microdot, which instantly vaporizes the unwanted skin. It immediately tightens the surrounded area and removes unwanted skin and lines. The pen used in this treatment discharges a high-frequency electric current on the affected areas of the skin.

This is a new and effective treatment. It not only heals the crow’s feet but also maintains the firmness of the skin and its tightness. This treatment encourages tissue regeneration. Also, it improves the texture of the skin and gives skin tightening effects. This procedure usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. Its result can be seen after 1 to 2 weeks of the treatment by leaving firmer and tighter skin.

People who are allergic to topical anesthetic preparations, using isotretinoin, pregnant women, and who are breastfeeding should not receive this treatment.

It is a very quick procedure. It can be done in 10 minutes. This treatment lasts for 4 to 5 months. And the result can be seen on the face after a week of the treatment. To maintain your smooth skin you have to repeat this treatment periodically.