At the adore practice we provide all types of treatment-related to skin, body, and hair. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all our customers. To accomplish this goal we have the latest and advanced technology available. We don’t believe in compromising with quality hence we provide the best quality services. We try our best to provide you skin tightening and body sculpting treatments. Our range of skin tightening procedures helps actively smoothing out wrinkles, tighten and redefine the structure of your skin. All our treatments are updated according to the technology. If you are suffering from any sort of skin, body, or hair problems you can book an appointment with us without any second thought. We are  here to make you fall in love with your

body and hair. Your comfort is our foremost priority. The problem of excessive fat is most common in today’s world due to unhealthy lifestyles and major issues. But We all want a fit and healthy body. Fats on the belly, thighs, love handles, a double chin are just too difficult to lose no matter how much you work out or diet, and surgeries are a big NO-NO for most people. For such people who want to lose their extra fat hassle-free without any surgery, we have a  perfect solution for you all.

Injection lipolysis 

Yes, you read it right. Now you can lose your fat with the help of this injection lipolysis.  This is the nonsurgical solution to get rid of fat cells 

1.Injection lipolysis dissolves your excessive fat when the chemical is injected at the fat layer of your skin which is excessive fat of your body. This treatment happens in sessions and sometimes in one session depending on various factors, it happens without any surgery or operation and also without any scars. It is basically the most effective method for the reduction of fat cells and a non-invasive procedure without undergoing any surgical process.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various effective treatments for this  condition 

Some of them are mentioned below 

  • Steroids injections are the most common form of treatment for mild/patchy alopecia. In this, the injection  of corticosteroid is given at the area where there is a  loss of hair  
  • Oral corticosteroids were tablets as prescribed by  the doctor 
  • Topical immunotherapy (DPCP) is done with the help of chemicals which may result in new hair growth within the time period of six months. This treatment  has to be done continuously to maintain the regrowth
  • Immunomodulators are Drugs that help blockage the immune response 
  • Corticosteroid creams, ointments, or foam 
  • Minoxidil is an OCD that is applied to the scalp, beard, or eyebrows. This is most effective for people with limited alopecia.

Adore clinic provides all the safe treatments and FDA-approved treatments only. This treatment may take multiple sessions depending upon the amount of far, part of the body, and various other factors. Since it is nonsurgical it does not involve any kind of risk and does not cause any scar on your body part. We take all the crucial measures which are required while doing any treatment. So yes, treatment of injection lipolysis is totally safe in adore clinics.

  • If you maintain a healthy lifestyle after this  treatment then fat cells which are once dissolved with this treatment will not be regenerated because in this process when the  drug is injected inside the body the fat cells are  discharged out 
  • Cellulitis (stretch marks) Cellulitis on the hip and thighs is the major concern of many patients.  Since the structure of fat and is the same this  treatment can help smoothen up the  bumpiness of the affected area
  • Improvement on the face is also possible due to this treatment because injection lipolysis also helps in face contouring by removing excess fat of the face. Otherwise, removing fat from the face is really a difficult task.

HIFU ( High intensity focused ultrasound) is an effective cosmetic treatment for skin tightening and refining wrinkles. It is specifically for the improvement of the face. It improves the face by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and tightening the skin, Improve consistency of skin tone, Large pores can be eliminated from the skin, Noticeable improvement in jawline and structure of the face, suitable for all skin type,  suitable for every complexion, Elasticity of skin can be improved, non-surgical and painless procedure, etc.